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Generate ISO 27001 Documentation

ISO 27001 Policies Package

Generate all the required policies for ISO 27001, tailored to your company.

ISO 27001 Complete toolkit

You want all the documentation templates required to go through ISO 27001? With have what you need.

ISO 27001 Copilot

You are a consultant or a business needing extra help to achieve ISO 27001 preparation? Get an assistant doing the heavy lifting for you.

Stop losing time writing policies

By generating and managing your information security documents on our platform, you can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on writing documents from scratch.

  • Faster than writing
  • Ease of use
  • Personalized results
  • Secure platform

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Personalized results

Documents tailored to your company

Easy to use

Made for everyone


Seconds between clicking generate and receiving your policy


Prior knowledge of ISO 27001 required


Built with ISO 27001 compliance in mind


Less expensive than consultants writing your policies

Say bye to random policy templates

Auditors easily detect when a policy has been downloaded from the internet without adaption to your company. Surprise them with documents finally made for your specific context.

  • ISO 27001-aligned
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Simplified compliance
  • Successful audits

Affordable and faster than consultants

Save thousands on writing policies and procedures. Pay your ISO consultants only for the mandatory work (gap analysis, risk assessment, SOA, internal audit, etc.).

  • High ROI
  • Responsiveness
  • Speed
  • Convenience


Get a policy in a couple of minutes


Quickly update your policies when you need it


Cost-saving compared to traditional methods


Simple transparent pricing

Choose the right pricing plan for your business


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  • 1 policy generation
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  • All the policies you need
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It is a pleasure to work with. Writing all the policies by oneself would take forever. The generator is continuously updated and improved. Customer service is quick and useful!

Joel Simmen, IT Administrator

I really like where your product is going.

Anonymous, CTO of a SaaS startup

The idea is great and its implementation is working very well.

Thomas Tae Yang, CISO, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor

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Frequently asked questions

Why couldn’t I just use ChatGPT myself and generate the policies I need?
You surely can. However, you would lose time, and results are variable. It takes a lot of trial and error to produce policies that are comprehensive, tailored to your business, consistent between each other, and in an adequate format. On our side, we researched what should your policies should contain, how to customize them to your business, and finally, we send you the policies into a well-structued word document, freeing you from 95% of the hassle of document template creation. Sounds better, no?
Are AI-generated policies reliable?
Yes, they are, and our latest models do better than someone writing the document for you. Our tool doesn’t just randomly generate text. It considers your company context to write accurate policies. It has benefited from important testing. Finally, the instructions sent to the AI include controls to ensure the reliable results. Of course, we still recommend our users to review the generated documents.
Is my data secure?
Yes. Your account is protected by MFA. No one can access your data and generated policies. Our database is encrypted at rest on AWS RDS (AES-256). Our app is constantly monitored by a security provider. We implemented key security controls from the designing to deploying the tool. Read our trust center to know more about our ISMS.
Does the tool cover all aspects of ISO 27001?
Our tool is designed to generate all the policy documents required by ISO 27001, providing a comprehensive foundation for your information security management system. However, it’s important to remember that ISO 27001 is not just about having the right policies in place. It’s about implementing, managing, and continuously improving those policies within the context of your organization’s operations. While our tool gives you a solid starting point, your team will be instrumental in bringing these policies to life within your organization.
What problem do you solve?
Our clients come to us during ISO 27001 preparation or before. They usually have no or few policies documented their security. They downloaded templates from the internet, but had to adapt them a lot. Now clients or partners request them do show information security documentations. So they need good policies tailored to their company, really fast, without having to write everything from scratch, or to pay a consultant that will ask $500 per policy.
Will my company be ISO 27001 compliant after using your services?
No. There’s a consulting myth pretending that documentation is all you need. That’s false: compliance is about action. No amount of policies or procedures will make you compliant if there is no action involved. To be ISO 27001 compliant, you also need to conduct risk assessments, implement your appendix A controls, train your employees, etc. Policies are of a great help, but we cannot do this for you.
Do you replace an ISO 27001 consultant?
No, we don’t replace consultants. Instead, our tool complements their work (so you don’t have to pay them for writing your policies). We automate the policy writing stage, reducing costs and time associated with this initial step. This allows you and your chosen consultant to focus on the more critical aspect of ISO 27001 compliance – gap analysis, risk assessment, internal audit. Additionally, consultants can also use our tool to write policies faster for their clients.
Can I customize the policies?
Every policy you generate with us is adapted to your business, while following a consistent structure. The generated policy is a Word Document that you can modify as much as you want, after we did 95% of the heavy lifting for you.
What if ISO 27001 changes?
We continuously update our tool to align with the latest standards. It’s currently designed based on the newly released ISO 27001:2022 version, ensuring up-to-date compliance.
Will this tool help with my ISO 27001 certification?
Indeed, our tool sets the stage for your ISO 27001 certification journey by providing comprehensive, bespoke policies – the foundation of your information security management system. However, the certification process doesn’t end with policy drafting. It demands consistent implementation, management, and continual enhancement of these policies, culminating in a successful audit. Our tool carves the initial path, empowering you to concentrate on the more complex facets of ISO 27001 certification with greater assurance and readiness.

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