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Leveraging latest AI technology, we take care of generating information security docs tailored to your company, freeing your time and resources to focus on what’s most important – your business.

  • Automated Policy Generation
  • Ease of use
  • Personalized result
  • Secure platform

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Personalized result

Policies tailored to your context

Easy to use

Made for everyone



Time between clicking “generate” and receiving your policy


Prior knowledge

Of ISO 27001 needed



Built with ISO 27001 compliance in mind


Less expensive

You won’t find people writing your ISMS docs for this price.

Say bye to random policy templates

Do you know what ISO 27001 auditors hate the most? Seeing that your security policies are just random templates from the internet. We’ve got your back, generating ISO 27001 compliant policies tailored to your company.

  • ISO 27001-oriented
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Simplified compliance
  • Make auditors happy

Cost-Effective and Efficient Solution

Transforming the traditional method of policy creation, our tool offers a quick, affordable, and responsive approach to generate ISO 27001 compliant policies. Skip the manual work and save costs on writing policies. Adapt quickly to your changing needs.

  • Affordability
  • Responsiveness
  • Speed
  • Convenience

Easy access anytime, anywhere


Our service adapts quickly to your dynamic needs


Cost-saving compared to traditional methods

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Simplyfing ISO 27001 documentation for startups.

We’re driven by the belief that quality ISMS documentation doesn’t have to be complicated, costly, or time-consuming to implement.


This is an impressive and great idea and the implementation of the idea is already working well.

Thomas Tae Yang, CISO, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor


Even consultants that you pay 5K for this job use generic templates. Our AI makes is custom for you!

Founder of ISMS Policy Generator


Information security as a right, not a privilege. Our tool makes information security documentation effortless.

Founder of ISMS Policy Generator


We continuously learn to make this product great. From improving our offer to using better AI models.

Founder of ISMS Policy Generator


You can finally focus on your key tasks instead of spending hundrends of hours writing documents.

Founder of ISMS Policy Generator


Your unique context + Our expertise + AI power = World-class results. You can choose it today.

Founder of ISMS Policy Generator

Simple pricing plans for every budget

Straight forward and up front pricing plans for all your needs.

Monthly plan


Cancel anytime.

Ideal for ISO 27001 consultants or CTOs who need one-time documentation.

  • Unlimited ISMS documents generation
  • Policies are tailored to the company
  • Generated policies are Word documents
  • Lifetime access to generated documents.
  • 7-day free trial and 14-day refund guarantee



One-time payment.

Ideal for ISMS managers in startups. Prepare for the ISO 27001 audit.

  • Unlimited ISMS documents generation
  • Policies are tailored to the company
  • Generated policies are Word documents
  • Constant access to generators and generated documents.
  • 7-day free trial and 14-day refund guarantee



Ideal for ISO 27001 consulting companies or a mature enterprise.

  • Unlimited ISMS documents generation
  • On-demand features
  • Generated policies are Word documents
  • Lifetime access to generators and generated documents.
  • Custom refund guarantee


Frequently asked questions

Why couldn’t I just use ChatGPT myself and generate the policies I need?
Just like you could make your own pizza instead of ordering one from a pizzeria, you could theoretically generate your own policies using ChatGPT. However, without extensive knowledge of ISO 27001 and expertise in crafting effective AI prompts, the resulting policies are likely to be less comprehensive, precise, and compliant. Our tool combines ISO 27001 expertise with AI proficiency to deliver policies that are comparable to a delicious Neapolitan pizza made by an expert pizzaiolo. Finally, we generate the policies into a well-structued Google Document, freeing you from the hassle of document template management. Tasty, no?
Are AI-generated policies reliable?
Yes, they are. Our tool doesn’t just randomly generate text. It has benefited from important testing and fine-tuning. Plus, the model has been trained with thorough understanding of ISO 27001 compliance and the needs of different organizations. Finally, the prompts sent to the AI integrate controls to ensure the reliable results.
Is my data secure?
Yes, we consider data security paramount. We follow strict security practices to ensure your data is safe with us. Read our trust page to know more about our ISMS.
Does the tool cover all aspects of ISO 27001?
Our tool is designed to generate all the policies required by ISO 27001, providing a comprehensive foundation for your information security management system. However, it’s important to remember that ISO 27001 is not just about having the right policies in place. It’s about implementing, managing, and continuously improving those policies within the context of your organization’s operations. While our tool gives you a solid starting point, your team and potentially a consultant will be instrumental in bringing these policies to life within your organization.
Can I generate other ISMS documents than policies?
For now, we only offer policy generation, but we won’t stop at policies. The technology we developped is soon ready to help you generate other key ISMS documentation, such as the ISMS Scope.
Do you replace an ISO 27001 consultant?
No, we don’t replace consultants. Instead, our tool complements their work. We automate the policy writing stage, reducing costs and time associated with this initial step. This allows you and your chosen consultant to focus on the more critical aspect of ISO 27001 compliance – implementing and managing these policies in line with your unique business processes. Consultants can also use our tool to deliver results faster, enhancing their value to clients.
Can I customize the policies?
Our policies will integrate elements from the context you provide. The Free and Plus plan will keep it simple. Plans going beyond, i.e. Pro and Elite, will offer advanced tailorization features. The Elite plan will even offer the creation of standard operational procedures, that will exactly describe the information security processes implemented in your organization, based on your inputs. Note that every generated policy is a Google Document that you can download or copy to modify as much as you want in Word, Google Doc, or Pages.
What if ISO 27001 changes?
We continuously update our tool to align with the latest standards. It’s currently designed based on the newly released ISO 27001:2022 version, ensuring up-to-date compliance. Additionally, the policy rewriting features proposed in the Pro and Elite plans would meet.
Will this tool help with my ISO 27001 certification?
Indeed, our tool sets the stage for your ISO 27001 certification journey by providing comprehensive, bespoke policies – the foundation of your information security management system. However, the certification process doesn’t end with policy drafting. It demands consistent implementation, management, and continual enhancement of these policies, culminating in a successful audit. Our tool carves the initial path, empowering you to concentrate on the more complex facets of ISO 27001 certification with greater assurance and readiness.
Can I modify already existing policies?
We understand you might already have policies and just would like to improve them or make it more consistent with your other policies and more tailored to your products. We currently only offer initial policy generation, but are working on AI-powered ISO 27001 documentation rewriting features.

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