Troubleshooting Actions

Use these tips to help you solve problems that arise with actions #

What should I do if I encounter an HTTP 400 error when generating a policy? #

The HTTP 400 error can occur due to certain special characters in your input that the system cannot process correctly. To resolve this issue:

  • Review Your Input: Look through your answers in the input fields for any double quotation marks (") or line breaks (created by pressing Enter). These characters can disrupt the policy generation process.
  • Remove Problematic Characters: Eliminate any double quotes or line breaks, or replace double quotes with single quotes (').
  • Retry Submission: Try to generate the policy again after making these corrections.

We are aware of the inconvenience this may cause and did our best to ensure the generators now accept characters without resulting in errors. If however it still occurs, we recommend following these best practices to prevent any disruptions.

What other characters should I avoid using in my input? #

Even if we implemented the right measures to prevent this error from happening, please refrain from using backslashes (\), multiple consecutive spaces, and any other non-standard text formatting characters in your inputs. This will help avoid any potential errors during the policy generation process.

Trouble Connecting to Remote Server #

If you encounter a message stating “Couldn’t connect to remote server,” there may be a temporary issue with the server connection. To address this:

  • Refresh Your Page: Go ahead and refresh your browser page. Don’t worry – our system is designed to save your data, so you won’t lose your inputs.
  • Retry Generating: Once the page has been refreshed, please try clicking on the “Generate” button again.

These steps often resolve temporary connectivity issues. If the problem persists, please check your internet connection or try using a different browser.

Encountering Incorrect Field Data #

If a form field incorrectly displays an answer from a previous question, it’s a known bug that our development team can resolve quickly. We’ve worked hard to prevent these issues, but if this happens, please alert us via the Tidio Chat feature in the app. We’ll fix it as soon as possible. Your reports help us refine our system and we appreciate your assistance.

Who can I contact if I continue to experience issues? #

If problems persist after you have removed the problematic characters, please reach out to our support team with the details of your issue for further assistance.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience. We are committed to providing you with a seamless experience and will do our best to solve your issues.

My Generated Policy Contained Explanations from the AI #

If your generated policy includes explanatory content or conversational elements from the AI, it’s an issue related to how AI models are trained. We are continuously working to refine our instructions to control for this and direct the AI to produce the precise content you need. If you encounter this in your policy, please report it to us. Your feedback is crucial in helping us improve our service.

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Updated on 14 January 2024