AI-Assisted ISO 27001 Risk Assessment

Our AI-Assisted Risk Assessment tool is designed to simplify and guide your journey to ISO 27001 compliance. Using a conversational AI interface, we offer a seamless experience to identify and evaluate information security risks tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

How it works

  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Engage with our AI assistant in a structured dialogue to identify your organization’s information security assets, assess potential threats and vulnerabilities, and explore suitable controls.
  • Expert Knowledge: Leverage the built-in expertise of ISO 27001 standards to ensure comprehensive risk coverage.
  • Real-Time Analysis: Receive instant feedback and recommendations to improve your organization’s information security posture.

Professional and Secure

Our commitment to professionalism and security is paramount. The chatbot infrastructure is powered by, renowned for its robust and secure framework. We adhere to the highest standards of data protection and privacy, ensuring that your information remains confidential and secure throughout the assessment process.


Our AI-Assisted ISO 27001 Risk Assessment tool leverages the advanced capabilities of GPT-4, one of the latest iterations of generative AI from OpenAI. With GPT-4’s extensive knowledge base enhanced by specialized training in ISO 27001 standards, our tool is pre-instructed to guide you through a comprehensive risk assessment process.

What Our AI Model Can Do for You:

  • Contextual Understanding: Interprets the context of your queries to provide relevant and tailored guidance.
  • Knowledge-Driven Insights: Applies its ISO 27001-specific knowledge to offer suggestions on identifying assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and control measures.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Assists you in navigating the complexities of risk management, step by step, ensuring thoroughness and detail.
  • Interactive Learning: Adapts to your organization’s specific needs through interactive dialogue, refining its responses as more information is provided.
  • Compliance Focus: Keeps a sharp focus on compliance requirements, helping you maintain alignment with ISO 27001 standards throughout your risk assessment.


While our AI-Assisted Risk Assessment tool is a powerful ally in your ISO 27001 compliance journey, it is essential to recognize the limitations inherent in any AI technology.

Limitations to Keep in Mind:

  • Possible Inaccuracies: Despite its advanced capabilities, our AI model may not always provide perfect answers. It can make mistakes or overlook nuances that a human expert would catch.
  • Supplemental Use Advised: The AI tool is designed to supplement, not replace, the expertise of information security professionals. Always consider having a qualified ISO 27001 professional review the AI’s guidance. We’ll soon release a directory of partners you can get in touch with for ISO 27001 risk assessments.
  • Interpretation Required: The tool provides suggestions based on general ISO 27001 knowledge, which may require interpretation to apply effectively to your organization’s specific context.
  • Not a Substitute for Audit: The risk assessment conducted by the AI should not be seen as a substitute for a formal compliance audit. It is just an assistant.
  • Constant Updates: The field of information security is ever-evolving. While our tool is frequently updated, it may not reflect the very latest changes or emerging threats in real-time.

We encourage users to engage actively with the AI, provide detailed input, and critically assess the output to ensure the most accurate and useful results. Our commitment to enhancing and updating the AI means it will continually improve, but your expertise and oversight are invaluable to the process.

Terms and conditions

Using our AI-Assisted ISO 27001 Risk Assessment Tool means accepting a few key points: It’s in beta, so expect changes and potential mistakes. Your data? handles that, not us, so their privacy policy is the one to watch. If you’re consulting, get your client’s thumbs-up before you dive in with their data. We’re aiming to keep things secure and compliant, but remember, this tool’s advice isn’t the final word—double-check its suggestions. Changes to how things work, including costs, could come up, but we’ll keep you posted. Discover the longer version of our terms of service.

Security and Privacy

In the age of AI, data security is a top concern.

Many companies could potentially use your data to train their own large language models without consent.

So, when implementing generative AI tools like the ISO 27001 Risk Assessment Assistant, it’s only natural to have questions about data privacy, security, and ownership.

Data security is our top priority at ISMS Policy Generator, this is why we’re currently in beta. We’ll soon compile answers to the most common questions about how we approach AI security and Privacy through the use of our AI providers, closely following Stackware’s online guidance, being experts in managing AI risks.