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Say Goodbye to manually writing policies.

Product Overview

Unlock the power of AI for your ISO 27001 policies

Whether you’re an ISO 27001 consultant, a Lead Implementer, or a startup aiming to establish robust security policies in-house, our tool empowers you.

We’re not here to replace your expertise or initiative but to augment your capabilities. With a user-friendly interface and the power of AI, we provide a robust foundation that can significantly shorten the time-consuming task of crafting policies from scratch (or templates that are not made for you).

For consultants and implementers, this tool means more efficiency, allowing you to add more value to your clients by focusing on strategic activities.

For startups tackling ISO 27001 head-on, it equates to a streamlined path to creating compliant policies, leaving you more time to grow your business. It’s not about doing different work, but about working differently – faster, more efficiently, and with greater precision.

ISMS Policy Generator


AI-Powered Efficiency

Our AI accelerates your policy creation process, turning hours of work into minutes.

Tailored to You

Receive policies custom-built to your specific needs, cutting down on tedious revisions.

Google Docs Integration

Seamlessly work with your policies in a familiar platform and control the final format.

How it works

 Fill out a simple form with some basic information and let the AI work its magic.

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Enjoy your Information Security Policy

Looking for more?

Get ready to generate all the ISO 27001 related policies you need.


You can generate over 30 different policies required for ISO 27001 compliance.

The AI leverages GPT-3 to structure comprehensive, compliant policies based on your inputs.

Absolutely! The output is a Google document that you can edit as needed.

Definitely. It can accelerate the policy writing process and improve efficiency.

No. The tool helps with policy generation, but ISO certification involves more.

Yes! Our tool simplifies the policy generation process, no ISO expertise required.

Yes, we provide support to assist you through the process. Please contact us if you need it. 

Your data security is our top priority. We do our best to comply with ISO 27001 standards.

Any question?

Please contact us and let’s discuss your needs.