Product Updates

10/06/24: ISO 27001 Copilot – Focus mode #

We released a full-screen view to improve your interaction experience with the Chatbot. It’s optional so you can switch between the focused and standard view.

10/05: ISO 27001 Copilot – v2.1 #

The ISO 27001 Copilot became more performant, as it now relies on the latest GPT4o model. We also improved the assistant’s safety.

10/05: ISO 27001 Copilot – v1.3 #

The ISO 27001 Copilot got improvements that made its guidance more actionable. You can try it in the app.

10/05: Policy Generator – Software Acquisition Policy Generator #

We released new policy generators in the app. The Software Acquisition Policy generator is now available.

04/05: Policy Generator – Logging and Monitoring Policy Generator #

We released new policy generators in the app. The Logging and Monitoring Policy generator is now available.

03/05: Policy Generator – Re-send Policy button #

We release a “re-send policy” button. In case you checked your spam folder and didn’t receive any email after your policy has been generated, you can now click a button to send the email again.

01/05: Policy Generator – Information Transfer Policy #

We released new policy generators in the app. The Information Transfer Policy generator is now available.

29/04: ISO 27001 Copilot – v1.2 #

We improved the personality and the knowledge of the ISO 27001 Copilot. You can test it here.

In parallel, we released additional authentication-related measures (Google SSO, and password reset option in settings).

20/04: Policy Generator Assistant (Beta) #

We released an assistant that is able to produce any ISMS policy you need, as a complement to our existing policy generator. It offers flexibility, and allows you to review your already existing documents.

20/04: Policy Generator – BYOD Policy #

We released new policy generators in the app. The Bring Your Own Device policy generator is now available.

16/03: Security and Data Privacy controls for ISO 27001 Copilot (Beta) #

We’re documenting a Security and Data Privacy Trust Center for the ISO 27001 Copilot. If you’ve any additional question, please reach out to us and we’ll do our best to handle it.

13/03: ISO 27001 Copilot (Beta v1.1) #

We released the early version of the ISO 27001 Copilot for existing users. ISO 27001 Copilot is an AI assistant specialized in ISO 27001 preparation. It’s currently in limited beta, as long as we’re working on model performance and security documentation.

25/02/24: MFA is now mandatory, Progression is saved, and Models are more performant. #

1. MFA is now mandatory to access your account.

2. Don’t lose your progression when filling a form. Your results are automatically saved.

3. We just made our information security policy generators better. Stability of the results and tailorization to your company have been enhanced.

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Updated on 10 June 2024