Availability & Reliability

Auto Scaling #

Yes, ISMS Policy Generator is built on the Bubble platform, which dynamically allocates computing resources based on demand.

Bubble’s pricing model allows us to take advantage of auto-scaling, which means our application can seamlessly handle spikes in traffic or increased demand without slowing down.

This ensures a smooth and consistent experience for all our users, regardless of how many people are using the application at any given time. We’re committed to providing a reliable and responsive service, and our use of dynamically allocated resources is a key part of that commitment.

Data Redundancy #

Our application and databases are backed-up on a regular basis. Database is backed up in real time.

Generated policies documents are backed up in a secure clould.

DDoS Attacks Protection #

ISMS Policy Generator employs robust measures to protect against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, particularly leveraging the capabilities of Bubble.io and implementing rate limiting.

Rate Limiting:

  • We utilize rate limiting on our generators to control the flow of requests, ensuring that our system can handle the load without being overwhelmed by excessive traffic.

Bubble.io Protections:

  • Our application is built on the Bubble.io platform, which offers several layers of protection against DoS and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks:
    • Cloudflare Integration: Bubble apps are hosted on Cloudflare, a leading edge network provider. Cloudflare’s infrastructure is designed to protect against DDoS attacks by intelligently routing traffic and using advanced security mechanisms to filter out malicious traffic.
    • Infrastructure Security: Bubble uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting, benefiting from AWS’s state-of-the-art data centers and comprehensive security practices. This includes AES-256 encryption for data at rest and strong physical security measures.
    • Vulnerability Monitoring: Bubble continuously monitors for potential vulnerabilities in its infrastructure and applies patches promptly to mitigate risks.

By combining these measures, we ensure that our services remain resilient against DoS attacks, maintaining availability and performance for our users.

For more detailed information on Bubble.io’s security measures, you can refer to their security page and related discussions on their forum.

Quality Assurance Testing #

Yes, at ISMS Policy Generator, we are committed to delivering a high-quality and reliable service to our users. We take advantage of the built-in features of Bubble.io that prevent any application with unresolved issues from going live.

Our quality assurance process includes systematic testing of workflows and stringent controls for the quality of generated policies. Additionally, whenever we set up a new generator, it undergoes thorough testing to ensure proper functionality.

Whenever we release new updates, we adhere to Bubble’s “going live” process that requires all identified issues to be resolved prior to deployment. Following this, we perform additional workflow testing both in the test environment and live environment to ensure the stability and quality of the new release.

Additionnally, we rely on a “Issue checker” tool performing ongoing scans to make sure any issue is identified and fixed. More info on monitoring tools we use.

These rigorous testing procedures help us maintain a robust and reliable service for our customers.

Service Monitoring Tools #

Our organization utilizes the monitoring capabilities provided by Bubble, our application platform. Bubble handles server health monitoring, performance metrics, and automated alerts to ensure optimal performance and quick resolution of any issues. This proactive management helps maintain the reliability and security of our services.

Status Page #

Any incident affecting our availability is reported on our status page.

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Updated on 20 June 2024