Product Security

Product Security is central to ISMS Policy Generator’s mission.

Audit Logs #

Yes, at ISMS Policy Generator, we log all user activities that occur within our application. We utilize the extensive logging capabilities provided by our application platform, Bubble.

These logs capture various events, enabling us to maintain a secure environment, ensure the integrity of our services, and investigate any potential issues. However, we respect our users’ privacy and handle all data in accordance with our privacy policy and applicable regulations.

Please note that these logs are used solely for the purpose of security, service optimization, and ensuring the best user experience, and are not shared or sold to any third parties.

Multi-Factor Authentication #

As of the current version, our application does not require authentication, and documents are securely sent directly to the user’s email, ensuring that they are only accessible to the intended recipient.

Documents stored in our database are not accessible by users, maintaining a high level of security.

However, we are committed to enhancing the security of our platform. In upcoming versions, we will be introducing authentication methods, including the option for two-factor authentication (2FA) through trusted providers such as Google and LinkedIn Single Sign-On (SSO).

Our priority is to provide a secure user experience, and we will continue to implement best practices in web security.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) #

Currently, our application operates without user authentication, and all generated documents are securely sent directly to the user’s email. As such, there’s no need for role-based access control within our application at this stage. However, we are continuously seeking to enhance our platform, and should user roles become a relevant feature in future updates, we will certainly consider implementing role-based access control to maintain a high level of security and manageability.

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Updated on 20 January 2024