ISMS Copilot Pricing Plans

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The ISMS Copilot platform offers access to the ISMS Policy Generator and the ISO 27001 Copilot.

Our pricing plans #

  • ISMS Policy Generator Plan ($39/month):
    • Provides unlimited policy generation.
    • Includes a bonus of 45 Copilot credits per month after generating 15 policies, which is 25% of the Copilot credits provided by the Pro Plan.
  • ISO 27001 Copilot Plan ($29/month):
    • Offers 90 Copilot credits per month for substantial interactions with the Copilot, providing 50% of the Copilot credits offered by the Pro Plan.
  • Pro Plan ($79/month):
    • The most comprehensive plan, providing unlimited policy generation and 180 Copilot credits per month, which is 100% of the Copilot credits offered.
    • Ideal for businesses that need extensive policy generation and continuous ISO 27001 support with priority access to new features and premium support.

Summary #

The Pro Plan offers the best value with four times the Copilot credits compared to the ISMS Policy Generator Plan and twice the Copilot credits compared to the ISO 27001 Copilot Plan. This structure ensures clients at every subscription level receive fair and proportional value based on their needs.

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Updated on 14 July 2024