List of application subprocessors #

Name Purpose Location
Google We use Google Drive, a service provided by Google, for storing generated policies. The configuration ensures your policies are securely stored and won’t be accessed by anyone. Google has data centers globally, including within the EU.
OpenAI OpenAI’s API is used for generating ISO 27001 policies based on user inputs. This ensures your policies are accurate, comprehensive, and tailored to your needs. OpenAI is based in San Francisco, USA and presumably also stores all data there.
MistralAI MistralAI is progressively being rolled out for generating policies for EU users. This ensures compliance with GDPR and EU data protection regulations. MistralAI is based in Paris, France. There’s a possibility data is processed a UK subsidiary.
Zapier is used to deliver the policies in your email box.
The company Zapier Inc. is based in the USA and presumably also stores all data there.

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Updated on 20 January 2024