Standard versus Premium models, what’s the difference?

Standard Models #

Standard models are the historical policy generators. They are fast and reliable, provide a rather concise document, preferring lists with bullet points over long texts. They are the default model unless a Premium model is available. A standard policy costs 2 credits.

Premium Models #

Premium models are the latest generation of generators (v2-1301). They produce more well-written policies compared to historical generators, and consider even more your unique context. Premium models are progressively being rolled out to our 20+ policy generators. A premium policy costs 5 credits.

They are already available for the following generators: Information Security Policy Generator, ISMS Scope Generator, Risk Management Policy Generator, Access Controls Policy Generator, ChatGPT Security Policy Generator.

Who can access premium models? #

All existing customers (before 19/01) will have access to premium models without any additional cost. For new customers, premium models will be accessible as well starting from February 2024, billed through our credit system.

I already generated documents with standard models, shall I generate them again? #

Since standard generators already produce a fair result, you don’t need to re-do all the work. We invite you to wait and re-generate your set of policies with premium models in in 6 to 12 months, so that you can integrate any change done to your ISMS in the meantime.

Note that your inputs are saved, so any re-generation would start from your latest inputs, and not from scratch. Yeah, we value your time.

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Updated on 27 January 2024