How I wrote my Information Security documents 10x faster as a SaaS CTO

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As the founder of a Saas, I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges and inefficiencies of traditional Information Security Management System (ISMS) documentation.

You download a template on the internet but it’s zero tailored to your business.

You find some good looking docs but it appears you’ve to pay $80 each.

As you can’t afford this budget for such documents, you look for free options for each document but end up with a set of documents that are unrelated and have not been conceived for the same purpose.

Your goal is to document your information security system to be ready for ISO 27001, and it’s frustrating to loose time looking for templates that align with these goals.

I get you because I’ve been there.

Here’s an insight into how I addressed these challenges. (Spoiler: As you can imagine, yes, I created ISMS Policy Generator. Now let me tell you how it helped me).

The Initial Challenge

The process of creating ISMS documentation was traditionally slow and hard, involving either the adaptation of generic templates or starting from scratch. Both methods were time-consuming and often led to suboptimal results.

Developing the ISMS Policy Generator

To overcome these inefficiencies, I developed the ISMS Policy Generator. The tool was designed to automate and tailor the documentation process, significantly reducing the time and effort required.

Experiencing the Efficiency

  1. Time-Saving: The tool reduced the documentation process from months to weeks, proving its effectiveness. In the 3 first weeks of having the tool, half of my ISMS was documented.
  2. Customization: It offered tailor-made policies that precisely met our operational requirements. It feels good to see a policy that really matches the reality of my organisation, in this case a small startup.
  3. Streamlining: The process became more efficient, eliminating the need for tedious manual writing or template modifications. Of course, the documents will need manual updates in the future (before we develop AI updates of generated documents).

Expanding to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Now most of our ISMS is documented.

Encouraged by the success with ISMS documentation, my focus has shifted to developing generators for business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Our customers have been requesting it as well, so it will be a priority.

Future Outlook

  • Tool Development: We are currently creating generators for business continuity and disaster recovery plans tailored to your company. V1 generators to be released in early 2024.
  • Testing and Validation: These tools will be first implemented and refined within my business to ensure their effectiveness, before being rolled out at a larger scale.
  • Broader Application: Post-validation, these tools will become available for businesses seeking streamlined approaches to business continuity and disaster recovery planning. I’m truly happy to make business continuity and disaster recovery planning more accessible.


Through the ISMS Policy Generator, I’ve transformed the painful process of ISMS documentation into a more efficient and pleasing process. Now, we are set to extend these improvements to other critical areas of business planning, enhancing operational efficiency and resilience for SaaS owners. I’ll keep you posted.

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