ISO 27001 compliance with AI: Develop your ISMS policies

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Data breaches. Emerging threats. Competitive pressure.

Sounds like a lot, no?

In a world where the need for information security rises, businesses are under increased pressure to keep up with the pace, and demonstrate trust to clients.

This is where ISO 27001, the internationally recognized standard for information security management, comes into play. ISO 27001 sets out the specifications for an information security management system (ISMS). In B2B, ISO 27001 is increasingly considered as a must.

Achieving compliance with this standard has traditionally been a challenging and time-consuming task, requiring an in-depth understanding of the standard (spoiler alert: it still does).

However, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology can reduce the pain along the process. Of course, some steps can’t simply automated with AI, and an ISMS must be owned by its stakeholders. That said, some AI tools can help work faster.

ISMS Policy Generator initiated this shift towards AI. We leverage the latest AI models and ISO 27001 expertise to offer generators that simplify ISO 27001 documentation creation. It makes our users happy, since they save time and money.

But before we delve deeper into the functionality of the ISMS Policy Generator, let’s first detail the challenges of ISO 27001 preparation and how AI can be helpful.

ISO 27001 compliance challenges

ISO 27001 compliance is hard. The standard establishes a framework that requires the implementation of a robust information security management system, including comprehensive documentation demonstrating compliance.

Businesses are expected to create a suite of policies, processes, and procedures that cover a wide range of security controls. These documents need to be accurate, up-to-date, and reflective of the organization’s unique risk landscape. That’s a real task, often overlooked.

Traditionally, these processes have been manual, involving countless hours of labor-intensive work, often resulting in lengthy documents filled with complex jargon. Other businesses took the path of downloading random templates, totally not adapted to their company.

The creation and the maintenance of this documentation often takes valuable resources away from other key areas, such as actually SECURING the system.

This is where AI can help with ISO 27001 Compliance.

Your ISO 27001 Policies, generated with AI

The ISMS Policy Generator, powered by OpenAI GPT models, is an AI tool built to help with ISO 27001 compliance.

Why did we do it? We used to write ISMS documentation manually. We saw how much the process was time consuming, and how starting from templates not matching our company’s business was unhelpful.

So, we decided to build generators that cover all information security policies. Our obsession from the early days is creating documents tailored to the company using our generator.

Our generators ask questions to the user, the user provides inputs based on the company context, and then the AI writes the policy.

The expertise lies in how we designed the questions, and how the user provides relevant company context.

As you can see, this process makes sure the policy ends up really tailored to the company.

The main role of AI here is to write the ISMS documents faster and more accurately, once it has the right context.

ISO 27001 Compliance with AI

ISO 27001 is tough. Usually, key persons involved in preparing the certification (ISMS Manager or consultants) are a core team of one or two persons maximum.

Which means that when hard questions arise (how to define the right scope, conduct the risk assessment properly, select the appropriate controls from Appendix A)…. they generally feel lonely.

It’s been my case as an ISMS manager. Managing the compliance of an ISMS is challenging, and many times I felt like I needed extra help to finish a document, or to make a decision that would be aligned with the standard and tailored to the company’s context.

When AI came out in 2023, I saw an opportunity to get some assistance for the trickiest parts of ISO 27001 preparation and maintenance.

After many months of work, I managed to create an assistant that gives me extra bandwidth.

This assistant is the ISO 27001 Copilot. It’s not magic. You’ll still need to do the work. But it will just be faster and less painful.

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